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"The Writers' League of Texas makes me feel like a proud momma. I can't believe this group I helped start with potlucks and cheap wine in my backyard has grown into such a vast enterprise. My entire motivation was the loneliness of the writing life, and WLT still offers the cure for that and most other writer afflictions." -- Sarah Bird, member since, well, the beginning...

The Writers' League of Texas celebrated its 35th Anniversary in 2016. We're at more than 1300 members strong and doing great work every day that services our mission to make a meaningful difference in the lives of writers across this great state of ours and beyond. With programming in communities large and small, from presentations in rural libraries and public schools to an annual Agents & Editors Conference that's among the very best nationwide to a Summer Writing Workshop that has been called "transformative".

In three and a half short decades, we've had a big impact on writers in Texas and beyond.

Our school visits program, Project WISE, has impacted more than 45,000 school kids since 2006. Our weekend classes are attended by more than 1,000 writers each year, and our rural library program, Texas Writes, has hosted 45 library visits since 2013, reaching close to 1000 writers in communities across the state. 2016 marked the 10th Anniversary of our Summer Writing Workshop, which brings together 100 writers every year. And our Agents & Editors Conference will gather 400+ writers and industry professionals in Austin for the 25th time in June 2018.


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Individual donations go to support our year-round programs and services, including our monthly free and open to the public panel discussions (also available as a free podcast), our weekend and weeknight classes and workshops, the annual Agents & Editors Conference, the annual Summer Writing Workshop, and so much more.

The Writers' League greatly appreciates your support and generosity. 

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